High efficiency condensing combi & system boilers

THE RANGE Combi 24C, 28C & 34C      
System 18S, 24S & 30S   10 year warranty 

The latest Bluehelix models from the award-winning Bluehelix family of boilers are now available in the UK. Energy efficient, reliable, durable and affordable.


  • Bluehelix Tech RRT 10 year manufacturer's parts & labour warranty.

  • Must be fitted with a high performance magnetic filter.* ThermobalanceTM heat exchanger. 

  • Single circuit stainless steel with larger than standard waterways for greater efficiency & longer life. 

  • Stainless steel combustion chamber. 

  • Smooth AISI 304 steel surface reduces deposits and extends life

  • Virtually silent operation - Highly energy efficient

  • Achieves 94% seasonal heating efficiency

  • Three piece casing with removable side panels for easy accessibility

  • Large multi-functional graphic display

  • Natural Gas/LPG Ready

  • Can operate on natural gas and LPG without the need for conversion kits

  • Smart MC2 gas adaptive technology.

  • Automatically adapts combustion levels as the gas or flue conditions change

    Flue protection system

  • Flue check valve allows for easy connection to collective pressure flue systems

  • Fast and efficient DHW delivery

  • 24C 9.8l/min at Δt 35˚C - 28C 11.5l/min at Δt 35˚C - 34C 13.9l/min at Δt 35˚C

  • Click here to watch our video and see what makes the Bluehelix Tech RRT boiler a best buy.

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